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The massages are performed by Véronique Leclercq formed by YOGSANSARA school in Paris and India by Professor Rajeev PANT (see link at bottom of page) according to Indian tradition. Practiced in the medical office of Dr. Orengo in Nice. Affiliated to the FFMBE (French Federation of Massage Wellness).

PRICE: 60 euros for 1 hour, 75 euros 1 hour and a half.


Following the Indian tradition, Ayurveda is an ancient science that promotes a deep and lasting wellness. Among its areas of activity, it includes the practice of energy massages, each of them bringing a special benefaction.
Usually these techniques reduce nerve and muscle tensions,and improve the flow of energy throughout the body. They also help find a peaceful sleep and promote better resistance to stress.

The Abhyangam wellness massage, in addition to soften the skin, removes impurities and toxins, and promotes total relaxation of both body and mind. It is accomplished on the whole body with warm vegetable oil.
It’s the perfect massage for the persons who are overworked, stress-sensitive and subject to recurrent emotional disturbances.

This seated massage is performed with or without oil, on the entire upper body (head, shoulders and upper back).
It’s perfect for people working intensively on computer. It is also very convenient to set up in business places.

Pada / hasta Abhyanga
This palmar and plantar reflexology massage works on all the reflex zones of the body. It’s a gentle and accurate technique which provide a whole and lasting relaxation both physical and emotional, and is proposed to those who can not receive Abhyanga.

Yoga Massage
This technique is performed on a person in good physical condition. The practitioner and the person who receives the massage make hatha yoga postures at the same time. Like a dance, the person who is massaged is guided by the practitioner through a listening and breathing nonverbal dialogue. Yoga Massage is the essential ally of sports and dancers.